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The A List

Discounted Service

As an A-Lister you have acces to two salon visits a month, complimentary treatments and the best service in the industry. What's even better than that? Only paying $100 a month! That's right, for $100 a month you can access to these great benefits and more. Simply click the subscribe button to start your A- List membership. 

Last Minute Appointments

We know your busy A-List life means you will need good service, quick! Life happens and sometimes your plans can change. That's why the 24 hours in advance policy won't apply to you.  Make your appointment before your big meeting or presentation. 

One Flat Rate

Take the guess work out of your hair appointments. WIth your A-List membership you will be charged one flat rate every month. You get amazing service, top notch hair care, and a bomb hair style for just $100 a month. Don't wait because everyone can't be on the A- List. Click the subscribe button to begin your membership today.

No Fees, No Commitment

Because you are an A-Lister, you don't need to worry about late fees or cancellation fees. Just schedule a day and time that works for you every month and forget about the stress. What's even better than no fees? No commitment! We know you will never want to downgrade once you join the A-List but in a case that you have to, you can cancel your membership at any time. Sounds great, right?! So don't wait. Joni the A-List today. Click the subscribe button to begin.